Thursday, December 4, 2008


Beginning Of Cox Ad-NOT Completed



Artist Statement.
Well, here I all my vector glory.
As I always seem to find myself behind the camera, it was somewhat of a challenge finding a picture of myself.  And in typical Amanda style--I am covering part of my face.
I did a couple of variations on this piece...actually when I was well on my way on the first draft I decided to completely start over.

My new approach lead to some new inspiration.
With a lot of my work this semester I have veered from my usual path of "busyness" and gone for a more simple approach/theme.  That's what I ended up doing with my face.
As far as my hair goes, I just had some fun playing with it.  my hair never listens to what I say, is usually a mess, and is always a couple of different colors.  
Same goes for my eyes--always changing shades, they can be quite green with the right outfit so I went with that.  Had fun playing with my background and matching it with my eyeballs.

I like the bubbles...they remind me of little thought bubbles--as if I am thinking about my logo.
And speaking of my logo...
I didn't realize until last project (after struggling with logo ideas), that I often sign my name  "A. Tubbs"....I like it...and liked the simplicity of it that went along with my overall piece.
Haha--I just realized that my blog name is set up as A. Tubbs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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